Seities x series 1

Seities X series
Talented artists, tiny collaborations
We at Seities are very excited to announce our new series of collaborative projects: where we ask an artist that we love and trust to create great minimalist designs, to produce something special for a new collection.

As we believe in bringing a bit of your identity or seity out into the open, we also want to start showing some of the artists behind our designs

Our Artists

Irene Feleo
First in the studio is an artist which we have had our eye on for some time for her distinctive, simple but striking designs. Irene Feleo (IG @irenefeleo) is a Brooklyn based illustrator and animator known for her hypercoloured designs.

She has created 4 exclusive prints for the Seities X series in a collection she calls Odd Nights. Check out her great Instagram for more of her work or shop the collection below.

Find out more about the collection here