The Art of Picking the Right Tee- With a Difference!


The humble tee shirt is a wardrobe essential- something that every man owns and wears on a weekly basis. There are certain stylish and dapper gents that believe the humble t shirt to be too casual for everyday dressing. But worn the right way, the right tee is a staple and versatile piece: one that could form the base of almost every casual outfit decision you will make! But how do you know if you're wearing it right? And what kind of tee will suit you best? Here's everything you need to know about picking the right tee:


The Perfect Fit

Fit is the cornerstone of choosing a perfect tee: if it doesn’t fit you properly it just won’t look good! A good rule of thumb is to choose a tee that covers your waist band and fits snugly (but doesn’t look tight). Your sleeves should hit halfway up your upper arm and the shoulder seams should sit exactly where your shoulder ends to create the illusion that you’re wearing a garment that was tailor made just for you. Like many retailers, at Seities we provide a comprehensive sizing chart which measures a lay flat shirt, so if you’re in doubt about the size you need then why not measure two or three of your favourite tees and then compare them to the chart, so that you know exactly which size to order to ensure the perfect fit. There is no greater fashion faux pas than wearing a tee that is too baggy.


Hot Under the Collar

The crew collar is an original classic and should always be your first choice. This is a t shirt shape that will offer timeless style and is suited to any physique, as it broadens shoulders, elongates the neck and creates a great frame. Choosing a crew collar also saves you the hassle of finding the elusive perfect v: too shallow and your tee risks looking like an out of shape crew neck, too deep and you'll reveal too much of your chest: cleavage exposing styles are best left alone! If you are particularly diminutive in stature, you may well find that a v neck offers the kind of body lengthening potential you simply can't say no to, but otherwise stick with the classic and highly versatile crew that looks great with everything! 


How Logo Can You Go

To logo or not to logo: that is the question. Screen printing advancements meant that printed tees with slogans images and iconography burst onto the market in the 1960s, and they have been a wardrobe staple ever since. No matter what your passion, you can find a tee to match it. Graphic tees can be a great conversation starter, but it is imperative that the tee itself whispers rather than roars, leaving you to do the real talking. Graphic tees that are too busy, or feature oversized logos, can be very off putting and tend to make the owner look a little juvenile. However plain tees can be boring and don't offer anything that will attract attention. The Seities methodology is to find the perfect compromise: we believe that you should choose a tee with a discreet logo that injects humour and personality to your outfit without detracting from your natural style. If you're keen to use logo tees in a way that is subtle and clever then why not explore the Seities t shirt concept? Clever tees with small injections of personality you just can’t ignore.


Cotton is King

When it comes to finding the right fibres for your favourite tee, there really isn’t much room for debate. The best tees are made from 100% breathable cotton: At Seities we also believe that the very best tees are also organic and ethically sourced: Because there is nothing more stylish than social responsibility, and knowing that it isn’t harming the planet for you to look good! When choosing the right T shirt leave the man made materials behind, as these will cause you to sweat and lose their shape quickly: not a good look! Instead opt for the highest quality cotton you can afford: the right t shirt is a piece you’ll wear over and over again, and well worth the investment.